Industrial requirement for process water varies largely from Commercial Institutions and ranges from applications such as general utilities, cooling, boiler feed (DM water), High purity /Ultrapure water (DI/Deionized) to even Water for Injection (WFI). BOSON offers a wide range of solutions like listed below.

  • Industrial Sea water Desalination for process water generation
  • Reverse Osmosis (multi pass/multi stage) for brackish water treatment Selective ion removal (Bi valent/Trivalent).
  • Ultrapure process water for semiconductor, FAB and electronics industry
  • Backwash water /high TSS water recovery solutions
  • Effluent treatment units for process effluents (Organic & Inorganic) Chemical & biological treatment and combined treatment solutions
  • Advanced Ion Exchange units (Resin based Demineralizers) – Two Bed, Mixed Bed, Dealkalizers – for Boiler feed and process water

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