Biological Wastewater

Biological Wastewater

Biological treatment system plays a critical role as biological contaminants have adverse impact on most of the treatment units/equipment. Hence, such a robust Biological treatment is required.

  • Bio reactors
  • Membrane bio reactors
  • Advanced Chemical oxidation.

Thermal Zero Liquid Discharge solutions

  • Steam Driven ZLDs
  • Power Driven ZLDs
  • Low Temperature Evaporation.

Thermal Zero Liquid Discharge solutions are mainly driven by compliance and sustainable goals. These systems are at the tail end of Integrated wastewater treatment where in the inorganic contaminants are concentrated to very high levels. Hence the design and implementation of these systems also becomes extremely critical.

Designing the optimum Thermal solution with a balanced CAPEX investment and OPEX cost is key for a successful and sustainable management of wastewater for any establishment.

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