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We are TransWaters.

BOSON - “Water is a GOD Particle” An organization incepted with a strong belief in this phrase and solving water / wastewater challenges efficiently from more than 15 years. Environmental enthusiasts with a serious vision to create the most reliable “3rd Source of Water” for the society by incorporating the best suited and most sustainable treatment solutions for Institutions and Industries.

We at Transwaters do not use heavy terminology such as “Reduce-Recycle-Reuse” or “Circular Economy” just for presentations but actually thrive everyday towards this goal. Successfully we have created more than 54 crore litres (and counting) of high quality treated water from Sewage and Industrial Effluents and established a network to provide this “GOD Particle” to the needy customers.

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Our Mission

Boson White Water is on a mission to create water abundance for the cities of the world, by being a Water Utility company which sells highest quality water byconverting any available Waste water

Our Vision

Boson White Water's vision is to produce 500Cr liters of potable water from wasted waste water and thus enabling the decentralized Circular Economy in Waste water management. BOSON white water wants to be the3rd source of water after 1st source from above (Rain), 2nd source from below the ground (Borewell).

Our Belief

We at BOSON strongly believe that water is a god particle. We are dedicated to aligning our efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to responsibly manage this valuable resource.

Our Objective

Our goal is to create a consistent access to safe water and make it viable for the population. We strive to prevent out societies & communities from seeing the “Day Zero”.

Our Management Team

Our Team of Experts

With a dedicated and experienced team we address our customer problems, troubleshoot meticulously and provide precise solutions. Be it Physico-chemical or biological trials, chemical treatment behaviour or simple Jar test for coagulation & flocculation; we at BOSON perform precise studies offer right solutions..


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