BOSON White water

It is a combination of multistage treatment techniques integrating advanced technologies which coverts the treated STP water to potable grade or higher. Treated water from BOSON white water system will meet most stringent water qualities required for Direct/Indirect potable reuse or any of the high purity Industrial applications.

  • Decentralized treated STP recycling solutions for sustainable reuse for secondary/higher secondary usages.
  • Multi stage advanced treatment solution.
  • Recovery of very high quality (potable grade) treated water (TDS < 100 mg/l) and free from microbial contamination.


  • Cooling tower and direct cooling / quenching
  • Cleaning washing reactors/process equipment
  • Textiles, Chemicals & pharma
  • Boiler feed / DM water applications and heat treatment
  • Mineral and metal processing, Paints and coatings

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