Water Treatment

Water Treatment Solutions

  • Clarifiers & DAF
  • Media Filters, Next Sand Activated carbon, Glass bead/AFM/Quartz/Iron removal & Fluoride removal
  • Membrane filtration – Submerged and Pressurized UF
  • Ion exchange units

Membrane filtration

  • Advanced Polymeric membrane filtration for finest particulates, microbial contaminations and colloids.
  • First step of tertiary treatment for water/wastewater treatment.
  • Membrane filtration enhances life of downstream RO units. Helps achieve higher and better recoveries in NF/RO/other downstream equipment

Ion Exchange Units

  • Resin based IX units are used for water softening and demineralization.
  • Softening takes care of high hardness in water where as Demineralizer units are for reduction of TDS from water

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