Commercial spaces

Establishments such as IT parks, Malls, universities, schools, hospitals, government institutions have huge requirements for Domestic/Potable use water. At the same time, these institutions have been mandated by regulatory bodies to treat the sewage and use the treated water in house. BOSON covers a wide range of Solutions to these spaces.

  • Integrated Water treatment units combining Filtration, Softeners and Reverse Osmosis units.
  • Prefabricated and Site built Sewage treatment systems (Both Conventional Biological treatments and advanced Membrane Bioreactor systems)
  • BOSON white water – Multi stage tertiary treatment for high quality potable grade treated water generation – Sustainable Recycling solution for odor free, colorless flushing, cooling tower make up, vehicle wash, floor wash etc.

  • Advanced automation based on AI-IOT platforms, Remote monitoring, Long term comprehensive AMC contracts

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We not only provide solutions but also provide On call service support & Annual
Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for our solutions.

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