Residences & Apartments

Larger apartment complexes are bound to collect and treat the sewage generated in their apartments. Mostly mandated to use the treated water for landscaping / toilet flushes.

BOSON Provides treatment solutions and equipment for the below listed systems. These solutions are combined with on call Service support and Annual Maintenance Contracts

  • Resin based water softening units (Manual and Automatic operation)
  • Skid mounted Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Filtration (Sand, specialty media, quartz, ion specific media and Activated carbon)
  • Advanced UV and Ozone based disinfection systems
  • Sewage treatment, recycling and reuse solutions (Treated water with no Odour/ or color)

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We not only provide solutions but also provide On call service support & Annual
Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for our solutions.

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