TDS Reduction

TDS Reduction

  • Nano filtration - for reduction of specific Ions (Valency specific)
  • Standard Skid mounted Brackish water Reverse Osmosis – Water/Wastewater recycling applications.
  • High Recovery Reverse Osmosis
  • Sea water desalination system with energy recovery
  • Electro Dialysis Reversal – High Saline Brackish water, tertiary filtered wastewater applications.
  • Electro Deionization for High purity/Ultrapure process water (UPW)

Solid Liquid Separation, Chemical treatment & Filtration

  • Clarifiers- Conventional, inclined plate, high rate solids contact type – TSS reduction, Lime softening, metal precipitation etc.
  • Oil treatment-Skimmers, Dissolved Air Flotation for floating / free oil, emulsified oil content and TSS reduction.

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