Sewage & Industrial Effluent Treatment


Boson Sewage treatment plant is designed to meet the growing demands of the decentralised wastewater treatment required in Residential societies, Commercial spaces like Hospitals, Educational Institutions.

We offer solutions to treat the various Industrial effluents ranging from Laundry effluents, Plastic Recycling, Food processing Industry, etc. By Integrating BOSON white water System with the Effluent Treatment Plant, we help them in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge norms which is mandated for Industries.

Conventional Bioreactors

  • ASP (Activated Sludge process) (suspended growth continuous process)
  • EA – Extended Aeration (suspended growth continuous process)
  • SBR – Sequencing batch reactor (suspended growth batch process)
  • MBBR – Moving bed bio reactor (attached growth)
  • MBR - Membrane Bio Reactor (suspended growth continuous process)

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