Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Restaurants/ Commercials spaces/ Educational Institutions/ Hospitals have a heavy requirement for drinking water. BOSON Industrial grade advanced RO system helps in producing potable quality water and they can be integrated with BOSON SENSE to measure the performance & water quality in real time.

TDS plays a vital role in selecting the right technology for treatment. For high TDS water from a borewell/Eqvt source, reduction of TDS to make it suitable for potable or utility application is critical. Depending on the quality and chemical impurities present in water, technologies are selected. Reverse Osmosis systems are used to reduce the TDS – Total Dissolved solids from the high saline borewell/tanker water.

Technologies and its use

  • Nano filtration - High Hardness and high sulphate water. Removes Bivalent ions efficiently and softens the water
  • Capacitive Deionisation – Electrode Potential driven charge based ion separation. – Brackish water treatment RO/Brackish water RO (BWRO)
  • Sea water Reverse Osmosis – for high Saline/High TDS water from deep borewells and sea water source

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