Media Filters

Media Filters

Media Filtration system are designed to remove finer suspended particles, Turbidity, Specific Contaminant reduction such as Colour, Odour, Iron, Fluoride, Manganese, residual Organics. We here, at BOSON, offer a variety of solution for your needs like,

  • Multigrade sand (river bed sand) – MGF, PSF
  • Next Sand – Finer filtration, smaller particulates, silt removal
  • Activated carbon – (Color, Odour, Organics, Free chlorine,carbon)
  • Glass bead/AFM/Quartz media for enhanced microbiological contaminant removal and finer particulate filtration
  • Iron & Mn removal using MnO2 or specialty media
Pressure Sand Filter
Next Sand Filter
Special media Filter
Iron Removal Filter

Pressure Sand Filter

Multigrade Pressure Sand Filters are made of Sand, Pebbles & Coarse Silex and are used to remove suspended particles from water with a turbidity level upto 25 NTU. These systems are used when higher turbidity reduction and better filtration is needed.

Filtration level:

30-80 micron

TSS & Turbidity reduction:


Replacement duration:

6 months - 12 months

Next Sand Filter

Clinoptilolite-based filtration systems are specialized filters that use a natural ore extracted from extinct volcanic rocks. They have a high filtration efficiency and minimal channeling or fouling, making them a better option than conventional sand filters. The backwash frequency is lower, resulting in less waste water and a longer-lasting media. These systems are used when higher turbidity reduction and better filtration is needed.

  • Filtration level: 5-10 micron
  • TSS & Turbidity reduction: 65-70%
  • Replacement duration: 24-36 months
  • Suitable for: Borewell water, STP Water, Surface runoff water, Rain water

Special/ AI Media Filter

Aluminosilicate material-based filtration media is a specialized glass material which does very efficient TSS reduction. They have very long life and does not bio foul as it has a net negative charge in the media surface. This is preferred media filtration for efficient STP secondary treatment. The backwash pressure and frequency is much lower compared to conventional sand filtration system. These filters are also widely used in the swimming pool filtration and also other high pressure and high performance application. The predominant application is pretreatment of water before RO these filter add great value and life to the performance of the RO systems. These system are also used in Villa’s and other residential applications.

  • Filtration level: 3-5 micron
  • TSS & Turbidity reduction: 75%
  • Replacement duration: 3 years
  • Suitable for: Surface run off, Rain water, Borewell water

Iron Removal Filter

Manganese dioxide-based media is used in iron removal filters, which have better efficiency than resin-based filters. These filters do not require chemical regenerants and can also be combined with disinfection systems to further reduce iron levels, achieving more than 90% reduction.

  • Filtration level: Iron reduced from 3 < 0.3 ppm
  • TSS & Turbidity reduction: Iron reduction
  • Replacement duration: 1 year
  • Suitable for: Iron contaminated water

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