Most apartment complexes have majority of their water either coming via Tanker or Borewells, the contaminants in the water needs to be treated and a central water treatment plant is preferred to solve the Water Quality issue. The standard Water Treatment Plant are -

Stage 1

130 Micron Filtration

Stage 2

Disinfection system either via Salt Chlorination

Stage 3

Pressure Sand Filter / Next Media Filter / Glass media Filtration

Stage 4

Activated Carbon Filter / Activated Alumina silicate Media

Stage 5

UV Disinfection

Our Products

BOSON Manual Water Softener - FRP
BOSON Manual Water Softener - MS
BOSON Automatic Water Softener - FRP

Water Softener

For those houses depending on the bore-well water, water is leaving scales in the fixtures and tiles, the right solution would be Boson Water Softener. BOSON Manual & Automatic Water softeners helps in reducing the hardness in the water thereby reducing the lime scale deposits on bathroom fixtures, tiles & water heaters. For more information on various Water Softener Products please visit:

BOSON Pressure Sand Filter - FRP
BOSON Pressure Sand Filter - MS

Pressure Sand Filter

For those houses depending on municipal water or water which is turbid/ no clarity in water and has some particles in it, the best and simple solution would be a pressure sand filter. Pressure Sand filter filters particles down to 40 Micron on average. These filters are used when Turbidity levels are in the range of 1 -5 NTU. For Higher turbidity of water special filter like Next media filter are used. For more information on turbidity reduction filter visit:

BOSON Activated Carbon Filter - FRP
BOSON Activated Carbon Filter - MS

Activated Carbon Filter

There can always be organic contaminants in some sources of bore-well water, activated carbon filter helps in reduction of Total Organic Contaminants and some odor aspect is also handled. For people depending on municipal water there is sometime excess chlorine in the water supplied, activated carbon filter also remove Chlorine from the incoming water. For more information on Activated Carbon Filter filter visit:

BOSON Inline Ultra violet (UV) Water Disinfectant System

Inline Ultra violet (UV) Water Disinfectant System

The high-output UV units are specifically designed for high-flow commercial and residential applications. And the efficient UV lamps and quartz sleeves enhance the penetration power of ultraviolet rays up to 99.9%. The UV units will not bring about side effects whereas other chemicals will. Furthermore, the disinfectant efficiency is several times better as much as that of chlorine and chlorine mixtures.

BOSON Ozone Water Purifier

Ozone Water Purifier

Ozonation is an advanced oxidation process, involving the production of very reactive oxygen species able to attack a wide range of organic compounds and all microorganisms. The treatment of water with ozone has a wide range of applications, as it is efficient for disinfection as well as for the degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants.

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