Large apartment associations who already have an existing STP are looking to adopt innovative ways to reuse treated STP (Sewage Trea tment Plant) water, however due to the odor and non conformance issues, they end up disposing most quantity of treated STP water.

Trans water system has an innovative systems which converts treated STP water to a drinking water standards. The process involved is in designing system based on the STP treated water report. The operating cost for the same would be approximately 2 paise per lts of treated water.

Using Proprietary Advanced Oxidation Technology using specialized oxidation agents, ensuring the generation of Hydroxyl Radicals which are extremely reactive to Pathogens, Bacterial contaminants and kill them with Oxidation Degeneration Reaction.

The above is also an environment friendly approach to treat Waste Water from residential and industrial establishments. The tertiary treatment from the system also involves special media to ensure high Turbidity, TSS reduction and ensure very high quality of water which can be reused.

  • Least space occupying compared to all technologies like SBR, MBBR, MBR 50KL system can be setup in 200 sq.feet.
  • No blowers and operates on low load or high load
  • No 24 hrs operation required, can be treated in batch
  • No blowers hence no heavy noise
  • No h2s generation as its oxidized
  • Has special media tertiary treatment
  • Meets pollution control board norms for flushing and garden reuse
  • Can also be setup in the terrace area
  • Can also take Swimming pool backwash water
  • No specialists required for system maintenance. Existing Maintenance Staff can take care of the system
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