Solutions For Homes

We've provided solutions for Villas, Farmhouses, Apartments and Layouts to design and supply Water Treatment Plant, Water Softeners and Water Conditioners to treat their incoming borewell or municipal water and have the best quality usable water for the whole apartment / villa / house / layout.

TransWaters has also been helping apartments and layouts have Sewage Treatment Plant which helps them recycle a huge quantity of Water for their Gardens,  Toilet Flushes as well as Drinkable water.

Due to scarcity of water few layouts and apartments take our assistance when they want to have their Grey Water (Kitchen and Bathroom water) recycled for which we have provide a Custom designed system.

We have a separate division catering to homes and apartments called

  • Water Treatment Plants for the apartments, layouts & villas
  • Sewage Water Treatment Plants for the layouts & apartments
  • Bacterial Contaminated water, safety against the incoming water contamination
  • Unclear water with high turbidity
  • Water that's very hard and has to be chemically treated and resulting water to be chemically soft
  • Reducing bad odor in the water, reduction of total organic compounds, reducing Chlorine from water
  • The water is yellowish in colour due to high Iron from the input water
  • Reducing Fluoride or Arsenic
  • Reverse Osmosis for the apartments & layouts for Drinking Water Supply to the entire community
  • Recycle of Grey Water (Water from Kitchen and Bathroom) for re-use for all purpose
  • Proven Systems

    With our vast experience, you can be sure that all our water treatment systems are robust.

  • Quality Products

    We feel responsible to suggest products that are most economical and environment friendly.

  • Prompt Execution

    With over 400+ customers served, we take pride in our timely execution of projects.

  • Superior Service

    We value every single customer of ours and provide the highest quality after-sales service.

Catering To Homes & Apartments

We have a separate division catering to homes and apartments called