About Us

TransWaters Private Limited formerly known as Blorebuy focuses on providing its customers the best and economical Water treatment solutions with least Environmental impact.

Our products are NSF61, some of our products are DVGW certified. Our Water Conditioner can also claim LEED points for not wasting water, space and approved by U.S. Green Building society. We at TransWaters have clearly understood the need for quality water in every field.

Our name implies transforming any quality of feed water to any desired water quality. We feel responsible to provide solutions which are most economical and as environment friendly as possible.

We believe in keeping water as natural as possible with all non-desirable properties removed or reduced to desirable levels depending on the application or requirement.

"TransWaters have partnered with Aqua Purification Systems and working with Next Filtration Technologies (USA), Mann + Hummel for varieties of solutions."

Management Team

Vikas Brahmavar
- Director Founding Director at Trans Water System Pvt. Ltd, has years of experience in Water Treatment. Have been previously associated with Aqua Purification systems, proprietor at Blorebuy. His area of expertise is in design of Water Conditioner systems. Have worked for about 5 years in London prior to starting a passion venture in Bangalore.

B.V.Adiga - Director About 37 years of experience in Marketing and Sales. Currently he is fully involved in Project Funding and Resource allocation at Trans Water System Pvt. Ltd. His experience in Sales has been a backbone for Transwaters and sets higher goals for Transwaters.

Govindan - Mentor Director About 25 years of experience in designing, executing Water Treatment projects across India. Serial enterprenuer having few water treatment companies under his name. Currently handles system design and operations.

Vision & Mission

  1. To be the best Water Treatment or Filtration solution provider for any water quality issue.
  2. To be environmentally conscious in all water treatment solutions recommended.
  3. To be focused in developing and introducing new economical, green solutions for customers.
  4. To create value for stakeholders and customers


  1. Trading and providing solutions using existing products and raw materials until December 2012.
  2. Focusing on setting up Bottled Water Projects for financial year 2012-2013
  3. Developing and focusing on indigenous manufacturing of key environment friendly Water treatment products for the financial 2013-2014. Focusing on Water Research and Consultancy.
  4. Focusing on International Certification and Focusing on National and International markets for our indigenous product exports. US and UK market to start with and expanding to Eastern Markets.

Core Strengths

  1. We believe in giving solutions rather than products. We analyze or request the complete water analysis report before recommending any product.
  2. We take care of environment impacts of the product during our design. Our designs will have the least amount of waste water comparing to similar products in the market and least amount of power consumption and pressure drop across the system.
  3. We believe in reduction of Chemicals used for treatment. We recommend the system which consume less chemical for maintenance and sometimes no chemical depending on the treatment and quality requirement.
  4. We work on continues improvement model. We innovate and improve our products almost on daily basis.
  5. We believe that any product becomes accepted only if the economics works well. All our innovation takes into consideration the economical aspects for our customers.
  6. We are a group of people who are very passionate about Water and its shows in every product of ours.
  • Proven Systems

    With our vast experience, you can be sure that all our water treatment systems are robust.

  • Quality Products

    We feel responsible to suggest products that are most economical and environment friendly.

  • Prompt Execution

    With over 400+ customers served, we take pride in our timely execution of projects.

  • Superior Service

    We value every single customer of ours and provide the highest quality after-sales service.

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